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IERS Conventions

ContentsThe IERS Conventions define the standard reference systems to be used by the IERS. They contain conventional models, constants and standards.
Public accessIERS Conventions (1996)
IERS Conventions (2003)
IERS Conventions (2010)
DocumentationIERS Technical Note No. 3 (IERS Standards 1989)
IERS Technical Note No. 13 (IERS Standards 1992)
IERS Technical Note No. 21 (IERS Conventions 1996)
IERS Technical Note No. 32 (IERS Conventions 2003)
IERS Technical Note No. 36 (IERS Conventions 2010)
Product CentreIERS Conventions Centre
UpdatesAfter the completion of Conventions (2010), work started to prepare future updates. The updated version of the IERS Conventions is available as a working version at IERS Conventions Center. It is not definitive nor officially approved.
Mailing list for updatesIf you would like to be notified of Conventions updates, such as when modifications are made to the text or software, subscribe to the IERS Conventions mailing list.

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