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Data analysis tools

For visualization and analysis of IERS data and products the following tools are available:

  • IERS Plot Tool

    The IERS Plot Tool includes individual configurations of 2D and 3D plots of EOP data as well as a special tool for the comparison of IERS EOP products.

  • EOP of today

    A list of EOP data from IERS Bulletin A predictions for the current day.

  • Time scales

    This tool shows the current time or any time since 1972 in different time scales.

  • EOP reader

    This reader presents the EOP parameters of a selected time period or single day. You can choose among several IERS EOP series to read data from.

  • Date Converter

    This tool converts between Date (YYYY-MM-DD), Day of Year, Modified Julian Date and GPS Week.

  • Web services

    The IERS Central Bureau provides Web services for EOPs, timescales and leap second.

  • Links to interactive tools provided by IERS components

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