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The IERS was established in 1987 by the International Astronomical Union and the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics. According to the Terms of Reference, the IERS accomplishes its mission through the following components: Technique Centres, Product Centres, Combination Centres, Analysis Coordinator, Central Bureau, Directing Board.

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Data / Products / Tools

The IERS provides data on Earth orientation, on the International Celestial Reference System/Frame, on the International Terrestrial Reference System/Frame, and on geophysical fluids. It maintains also Conventions containing models, constants and standards.

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The IERS issues Messages to distribute news, Bulletins to provide Earth orientation data, Technical Notes to publish research results and proceedings of workshops, and Annual Reports to inform the public about its work.

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Science background

Information about Earth rotation, reference frames, and observation techniques in general - Glossary - References - List of acronyms.

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Links to Earth rotation and IERS - Geodesy and other geosciences - Astronomy - Space research - Mathematics - Physics - Books and papers - Computers and informatics - Link lists and search engines.

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News and meetings

View news ordered by date or with respect to publications or general topics of the IERS. Calendars of meetings related to the work of IERS and of IERS Workshops are available.

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