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IERS/IVS Working Group on the Second Realization of the ICRF, 2007-2014

Please note that this IERS component ceased operation in 2014.


The purpose of the working group is to generate the second realization of the ICRF from VLBI observations of extragalactic radio sources, consistent with the current realization of the ITRF and EOP data products. The working group will apply state-of-the-art astronomical and geophysical models in the analysis of the entire relevant S/X astrometric and geodetic VLBI data set. The working group will carefully consider the selection of defining sources and the mitigation of source position variations to improve the stability of the ICRF. The goal is to present the second ICRF to relevant authoritative bodies, e.g. IERS and IVS, and submit the revised ICRF to the IAU Division I working group on the second realization of the ICRF for adoption at the 2009 IAU general assembly.


Activities and results of work are described in the following documents.


Chopo Ma


O. Titov (Australia)
R. Heinkelmann (Austria)
S. Lambert (Belgium)
G. Wang (China)
F. Arias (France)
P. Charlot (France)
A.-M. Gontier (France; † 2010)
J. Souchay (France)
G. Engelhardt (Germany)
A. Nothnagel (Germany)
V. Tesmer (Germany)
G. Bianco (Italy)
S. Kurdubov (Russia)
Z. Malkin (Russia)
E. Skurikhina (Russia)
J. Sokolova (Russia)
V. Zharov (Russia)
S. Bolotin (Ukraine)
D. Boboltz (USA)
A. Fey (USA)
R. Gaume (USA)
C. Jacobs (USA)
L. Petrov (USA)
O. Sovers (USA)

Working Group Meetings

2007 April 12; Vienna, Austria
2007 September 19; Paris, France
2008 March 5; St. Petersburg, Russia
2008 September 25-26; Dresden, Germany
2008 December 4-5; Washington DC, USA
2009 March 27-28; Bordeaux, France


Chopo Ma
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Planetary Geodynamics Laboratory, Code 698
Greenbelt, MD 20771
phone: 1-301-614-6101
fax: 1-301-614-6522
email: Chopo.Ma (at)

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