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IERS Working Group on Prediction, 2005-2009

Please note that this IERS component ceased operation in 2009.

This IERS Working Group existed from December 2005 to October 2009. It was designed to build upon the foundation laid by the Prediction Comparison Campaign (PCC) and also to investigate the new data sets from the Combination Pilot Project. A major task of the working group was to determine what prediction products are useful to the user community in addition to making a detailed examination of the fundamental properties of the different input data sets and algorithms. Taken together, the PCC and the Working Group created the potential for advancing the Earth orientation community`s understanding and allow for the creation of state-of-the-art prediction. It was expected that new improved products resulting from this analysis will replace some of the existing prediction products. (For more details, please consult the Not barrier-free file. WG Charter (PDF, 18KB).)

WG Chair

William Wooden (Dec. 2005 - Aug. 2009), Brian Luzum (Sep. - Oct. 2009)

Sub - WG Chair

Input Data: Tonie Van Dam
Algorithms: Wieslaw Kosek


Data Subgroup:

Jianli Chen
Daniel Gambis
Richard Gross
Brian Luzum
Jim Ray
David Salstein

Algorithms Subgroup:

Thomas Johnson
Maciej Kalarus
Hansjoerg Kutterer
Sebastien Lambert
Zinovy Malkin
Harald Schuh

Bernd Richter (ex officio)
Markus Rothacher (ex officio)

More information

Not barrier-free file. Annual Report 2006 (PDF, 95KB)
Not barrier-free file. Annual Report 2007 (PDF, 96KB)
Not barrier-free file. Annual Report 2008-09 (PDF, 152KB)

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