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IERS Working Group on Combination, 2004-2008

Please note that this IERS component ceased operation in 2008.

This IERS Working Group existed from January 2004 to December 2008. It coordinated the steps towards a very consistent, highly accurate set of IERS products and was a forum for the discussion of all relevant combination aspects. (For more details, please consult the Not barrier-free file. WG Charter (PDF, 21KB).)

The major task of IERS WG was the coordination of the new IERS Combination Pilot Project.


Markus Rothacher (IERS AC)


Zuheir Altamimi (ITRS Centre)
Detlef Angermann (ITRS CC)
Claude Boucher (IAG)
Remi Ferland (ITRS CC)
Daniel Gambis (Earth Orientation Centre)
Gerd Gendt (IGS)
Richard Gross (GGFC)
Chopo Ma (IVS)
Ron Noomen (ILRS)
Axel Nothnagel (IVS)
Gerard Petit (Conventions Centre)
Jim Ray (Conventions Centre)
Bernd Richter (IERS CB)
Jean Souchay (ICRS Centre)
Pascal Willis (IDS)
William Wooden (Rapid Service/Predictions Centre)
Shengyuan Zhu (CRCs)

More information

Not barrier-free file. Annual Report 2004 (PDF, 92KB)
Not barrier-free file. Annual Report 2005 (PDF, 98KB)
Not barrier-free file. Annual Report 2006 (PDF, 112KB)
Not barrier-free file. Annual Report 2007 (PDF, 103KB)
Not barrier-free file. Annual Report 2008-09 (PDF, 166KB)

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