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IERS Working Group on Combination at the Observation Level, 2009-2016

Please note that this IERS component ceased operation in 2016.

This IERS Working Group reviewed the interest in combining techniques at the observation level for EOP and reference frames. Its main goal was to bring together groups capable to do combinations on observation level and to improve the homogeneity, precision and resolution of the products. Further details can be found in the Not barrier-free file. WG Charter (PDF, 66KB).

Further activities will be included in the Joint Working Group on Performance Simulations and Architectural Trade-offs (PLATO).

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Activities and results of work are described in the following documents.


Richard Biancale


Daniel Gambis
Manuela Seitz


Zuheir Altamimi
Richard Biancale
Christian Bizouard
Mathis Bloßfeld
Géraldine Bourda
Sara Bruni
David Coulot
Florent Deleflie
Claudia Flohrer
Daniel Gambis
Michael Gerstl
Richard Gross
Robert Heinkelmann
Thomas Herring
Daniel Koenig
Rolf König
Daniel König
Hana Krasna
Maria Kudryashova
Jean-Michel Lemoine
Frank Lemoine
Sylvain Loyer
Mykhailo Lytvyn
Maria Mareyen
Jean Charles Marty
Horst Müller
Arnaud Pollet
Jean-Yves Richard
Sergei Rudenko
Cecilia Sciarretta
Manuela Seitz
Laurent Soudarin
Tim Springer
Drazen Svehla
Daniela Thaller


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