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IAG/IAU/IERS Joint Working Group on the Consistent Realization of TRF, CRF, and EOP

This IAG/IAU/IERS Working Group will compute multi-technique CRF-TRF solutions together with EOP in one step, which will serve as a basis to quantify the consistency of the current conventional reference frames and EOP as well as to assess the consistency of reprocessed and predicted EOP. From 2016 to 2019 this was an IAG Working Group, since 2020 it has become joint with IAU and IERS. Further details can be found in the Not barrier-free file. WG Charter (PDF, 148KB).


Robert Heinkelmann
Manuela Seitz (co-chair)


Claudio Abbondanza
Sabine Bachmann
Liliane Biskupek
Christian Bizouard
Xavier Collilieux
Aletha de Witt
Anastasiia Girdiuk
David Gordon
Robert Heinkelmann
Christopher Jacobs
Shuanggen Jin
Hana Krasna
Sebastien Lambert
Karine Le Bail
Daniel MacMillan
Zinovy Malkin
David Mayer
Manuela Seitz
Benedikt Soja
Nicholas Stamatakos
Alberto Escapa
Richard Gross
Florian Seitz
Jean Souchay
Daniela Thaller


Robert Heinkelmann
GFZ Potsdam
Sektion 1.1.
Telegrafenberg A17
14473 Potsdam
phone: +49-331-288-1144
fax: +49-331-288-1111
email: heinkelmann [at]

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