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IERS Working Group on SINEX Format

The SINEX (Solution INdependent EXchange) format is a well-established format used by the technique services of the IERS for several years. Since 2001 the IERS Analysis Coordinator has been taken care of the SINEX format updates. Following the discussion at the Unified Analysis Workshop (UAW) 2009 in San Francisco the IERS Directing Board has established a Working Group on the SINEX format.

The aim of the working group is to maintain the SINEX format according to the needs of the IERS, the technique services (IDS, IGS, ILRS, IVS) and GGOS. The working group should be the point of contact if any modifications or extensions are required. In order to have the best possible interaction with the groups working with the SINEX format (either as output or as input), the analysis and combination groups of all the technique services as well as the relevant components of the IERS and GGOS are represented within the working group.

More details can be found in the Not barrier-free file. WG Charter (PDF, 8KB).


Activities and results of work are described in the following documents.


Daniela Thaller


Robert Heinkelmann (IERS AC, ex officio)
Laurent Soudarin (IDS AC)
Guilhem Moreaux (IDS Combination)
Jake Griffiths (IGS ACC)
Paul Rebischung (IGS Reference Frame WG)
Erricos Pavlis (ILRS AC)
Cecilia Sciaretta (ILRS Combination)
John Gipson (IVS AC)
Sabine Bachmann (IVS Combination)
Zuheir Altamimi (ITRS Center and ITRS CC at IGN)
Manuela Seitz (ITRS CC at DGFI)
Pierguido Sarti (IERS Co-location WG)
Gérard Petit (IERS Conventions Center)
Peter Steigenberger (GGOS Bureau for Standards and Conventions)


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