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IERS Working Group on Site Coordinate Time Series Format, 2012-2020

Please note that this IERS component ceased operation in 2020.

The IAG services that distribute GNSS, SLR, VLBI and DORIS data and products proposes plots and/or files of coordinates time series for the stations of the tracking networks, as well as web services to display these time series. The aim of this working group is to define a common exchange format for coordinates time series for the geodetic techniques.

Formerly, this was also WG 1.1.1 "Creation of common geodetic coordinate time series" of IAG Sub-Commission 1.1 (Coordination of Space Techniques).


Activities and results of work are described in the following documents.


Laurent Soudarin


Robert Heinkelmann (GFZ), IERS Analysis Coordinator
Daniela Thaller (BKG), IERS Director of the Central Bureau
Xavier Collilieux (IGN), ITRS Combination Center
Manuela Seitz (DGFI), ITRS Combination Center
Laurent Soudarin (CLS), IDS representative
Paul Rebischung (IGN), IGS representative
Erricos Pavlis (Univ. of Maryland, Baltimore County), ILRS representative
Axel Nothnagel (Uni. Bonn), IVS representative
Médéric Gravelle (Uni. La Rochelle), user (SONEL)
Yehuda Bock (Scripps Institution of Oceanography), user (SOPAC GPS webservice)
Simon Williams (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory), user (CATS software)
Xiaoping Wu (JPL), user


Laurent Soudarin
Collecte Localisation Satellites (CLS)
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fax: +33-5-61-39-48-06
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