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IERS Workshop on the Implementation of the New IAU Resolutions

Observatoire de Paris, Paris, France, 18 - 19 April 2002

The Proceedings of this workshop were published as IERS Technical Note No. 29.


N. Capitaine (Chair), D. Gambis, D.D. McCarthy, G. Petit, J. Ray, B. Richter, M. Rothacher, M. Standish, J. Vondrak


J. Souchay (Chair), P. Baudoin, N. Capitaine, D. Gambis, J.B. Nguyen

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During its XXIV General Assembly in August 2000 the IAU agreed to new resolutions. Namely, the new precession-nutation model was adopted, and the new Celestial Intermediate Pole, Celestial and Terrestrial Ephemeris Origins were defined. As a result the whole spectrum of products within the IERS will be affected. The new resolutions should become effective on January 1, 2003. This workshop is organized to establish the changes in IERS products and analyses that will be required in order to comply with the IAU recommendations. It is anticipated that the structure will be in the nature of a workshop with only a few traditional style presentations.
For practical implementations and almanac work it is necessary to

  • develop a clear explanation of the concepts of the new celestial transformation and the relation to the conventional transformation,
  • explain the use of the precession-nutation model IAU 2000 A / B,
  • plan the necessary changes in the data services that will be required,
  • demonstrate software for the actual implementation of the new systems by users.

General information
For the efficiency of the Workshop, the programme includes only invited contributions and discussion. No oral contributed presentations will be accepted and contributed papers are only posters.
Invited presenters in Sessions 2-8 will prepare draft reports on their topics for distribution in advance of the workshop and to be put on the website of the Workshop.
A questionnaire will be sent to all registered participants and will also be available on the web site of the Workshop.
Participation in the workshop is free (no conference fee).



Practical information

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