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IERS Workshop on Global Geophysical Fluids

Hotel Grand Hyatt, Union Square, San Francisco, CA, USA, 06 - 07 December 2006

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The Global Geophysical Fluids Centre (GGFC) has the responsibility of supporting, facilitating, and providing services to the scientific research community, the IAG services and common users, in areas related to the variations in Earth rotation, gravity field, geocentre, and surface deformations that are caused by mass transport in the atmosphere-hydrosphere-solid Earth-core system, or the global geophysical fluids.

The main goal of the workshop will be the improvement of the IERS Global Geophysical Fluids Centre products in accuracy, consistency, stability, timeliness, user-friendly access, and documentation, to contribute significantly to the "Global Geodetic Observation System" (GGOS) and the users' needs.

The original concept of a Global Geophysical Fluids Centre within the IERS, consisting of Special Bureaus defined by the fluids themselves, was an excellent first step to serving the needs of the geodetic community. Ten years on, the community and their needs have changed as the precision of the geodetic observations has been significantly increased. The division of the GGFC along the lines of the fluids generating a geodetic effect may no longer be sufficient.

For example, given the current GGFC set up, a user interested in precise position determinations has to move between the various GGFC Special Bureaus to obtain earth tide models (SBC/SBM/SBT), ocean load tide models (SBT), atmospheric load tide models (IERS Conventions), surface mass loading models (viscoelastic and elastic) (SBL) etc.

The GGFC would better serve the community such that the user described above only needed to go to a single entry point to obtain all relevant information. Therefore the time is right to consider a restructuring of the GGFC.

At this workshop we will take an insightful review of where we are and discuss options for potential changes to the structure of the GGFC such that today’s users can easily find the models and data sets that they need.

Meeting place

San Francisco, California, USA
Grand Hyatt San Francisco Hotel, Union Square


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