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GGOS Unified Analysis Workshop

Beach Resort Monterey, Monterey, CA 93940, USA, 05 - 07 December 2007

The detailed programme including the position papers and presentations is available.

Workshop Scope

An important goal of GGOS is to advance the combination and integration of the various space and insitu geodetic techniques. This goal can only be achieved with the help of all the IAG Services, and especially the IERS and IGFS.
Even if considerable progress has been made in the effort towards a rigorous combination of the various space geodetic techniques (e.g. the realization of ITRF2005, making use of a new approach based on time series of SINEX files), there are still many deficiencies (missing parameters), inconsistencies and systematic effects to be addressed.
Important topics are therefore:

  • Assessment of technique-specific systematic biases affecting the co-location on the ground and on satellites
  • Step by step inclusion of all parameter types common to more than one observation technique
  • Definition of common standards for all these parameters and their a priori values/models
  • Improvements in combination strategies and rigorousness
  • Development of new products based on a rigorous combination of the space geodetic techniques
  • Setup of a common data portal for the products and data, and the definition of meta data and data flow

The workshop was intended to be a forum to exchange information and results and thus increase the common understanding of all the technique representatives for each of the individual techniques as they contribute to GGOS.
The workshop was organized in the following six sessions:

  • Session 1: Details of Product Generation of the Services and Future
  • Session 2: Technique-Specific Biases and Effects at Co-Location Sites/Satellites
  • Session 3: Standardization/Extension of Common Parameterization
  • Session 4: Combination Strategies and Aspects
  • Session 5: New Products Based on Inter-technique Combinations
  • Session 6: GGOS Portal and Meta Data Flow

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