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Results from the SEARCH'92 Campaign

J. O. Dickey and M. Feissel (eds.)
(IERS Technical Note No. 16)

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J. O. Dickey and M. Feissel (eds.): Results from the SEARCH'92 Campaign. (IERS Technical Note ; 16) Paris: Central Bureau of IERS - Observatoire de Paris, 1994. vi, 194 p.

Not barrier-free file. Complete document (PDF, 8MB)

Table of Contents

Not barrier-free file. Front matter (PDF, 23KB)

Not barrier-free file. Erratum [to 1992 and 1993 IERS Annual Reports] (PDF, 39KB)

Not barrier-free file. IERS Technical Notes (PDF, 56KB)

Not barrier-free file. Contents (PDF, 110KB)

Not barrier-free file. PART I. Introduction and Theoretical Considerations (PDF, 1MB)

Not barrier-free file. SEARCH'92 Campaign: An Overview (PDF, 1,023KB)
J. O. Dickey, T. A. Clark, T. M. Eubanks, M. Feissel, W. G. Melbourne, J. R. Ray, D. A. Salstein, B. E. Schutz, and C. Veillet

Not barrier-free file. The angular momentum content of the oceans (PDF, 258KB)
Peter Brosche

Not barrier-free file. PART II. IERS Reports (PDF, 1MB)

Not barrier-free file. SEARCH'92/IGS'92 Campaign: Comparisons of GPS, SLR, and VLBI Earth Orientation Determinations (PDF, 303KB)*
M. Feissel

Not barrier-free file. The Use of GPS Earth Orientation Data by the International Earth Rotation Service Sub-Bureau for Rapid Service and Predictions (PDF, 239KB)*
Dennis D. McCarthy

Not barrier-free file. Activities of the Sub-Bureau for Atmospheric Angular Momentum in Support of SEARCH'92 (PDF, 607KB)
David A. Salstein and Deirdre M. Kann

Not barrier-free file. PART III. Geodetic and Atmospheric Measurements (PDF, 3MB)

Not barrier-free file. SEARCH'92 Campaign: NOAA Earth Orientation Results Using VLBI Observations (PDF, 368KB)
J. R. Ray, M. D. Abell, W. E. Carter, W. H. Dillinger, M. L. Morrison, and D. S. Robertson

Not barrier-free file. Earth Orientation from VLBI During SEARCH'92 (PDF, 398KB)
C. Maand and J. M. Gipson

Not barrier-free file. Earth Rotation Parameters Derived from SLR Data on LAGEOS-1 (PDF, 240KB)
B. A. C. Ambrosius, D. C. Kuyper, H. Leenman, G. J. Mets, R. Noomen, and K. F. Wakker

Not barrier-free file. High Resolution EOP from LAGEOS SLR Data Analysis at GSFC (PDF, 797KB)
E. C. Pavlis

Not barrier-free file. High Resolution Earth Rotation Parameters as Computed from SLR and GPS Data (PDF, 345KB)
Ch. Reigber, H. Montag, G. Gendt, and G. Dick

Not barrier-free file. Geodetic and Atmospheric Measurements GPS Data Analysis for Earth Orientation at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (PDF, 492KB)
J. Zumberge, F. Webb, U. Lindqwister, S. Lichten, D. Jefferson, R. Ibanez-Meier, M. Heflin, A. Freedman, and G. Blewitt

Not barrier-free file. Effective Atmospheric Angular Momentum Functions Computed from the Japan Meteorological Agency Data (PDF, 194KB)
T. Ozaki, K. Kuma, and I. Naito

Not barrier-free file. PART IV. Intercomparison and Interpretation of Results (PDF, 3MB)

Not barrier-free file. Scientific Results from the EPOCH'92 Observations Organized by the USNO (PDF, 180KB)
T. M. Eubanks, B. A. Archinal, M. S. Carter, F. J. Josties, K. A. Kingham, J. O. Martin, D. N. Matsakis, and D. D. McCarthy

Not barrier-free file. Kalman Filter Analysis of SEARCH'92 VLBI Data (PDF, 469KB)
T. A. Herring

Not barrier-free file. Universal Time Derived from VLBI, SLR and GPS (PDF, 250KB)*
D. Gambis, N. Essaifi, E. Eisop, and M. Feissel

Not barrier-free file. Sub-Daily Earth Rotation During EPOCH '92 (PDF, 558KB)
A. P. Freedman, R. Ibanez-Meier, J. O. Dickey, S. M. Lichten, and T. A. Herring

Not barrier-free file. Sub-Daily Polar Motion During EPOCH '92 with GPS (PDF, 308KB)
R. Ibanez-Meier, A. P. Freedman, S. M. Lichten, U. J. Lindqwister, R. S. Gross, and T. A. Herring

Not barrier-free file. Diurnal and Semidiurnal Variations in Earth Orientation Determined from LAGEOS Laser Ranging and GPS (PDF, 201KB)
Michael M. Watkins, Richard J. Eanes, and John G. Sonntag

Not barrier-free file. High Frequency Fluctuations of Polar Motion During IGS'92 Campaign (PDF, 455KB)
Huang Chengli, Jin Wenjin, Liao Dechun, Zhu Wenyao, and Wang Jiexian

Not barrier-free file. Short-Term Polar Motion and UT1 Variations Observed by IGS (PDF, 385KB)*
Jan Hefty

Not barrier-free file. Short Periodic Oscillations in GPS Pole Coordinates Data (PDF, 239KB)
W. Kosek

Not barrier-free file. Comparison of Wet Delay Estimates Using VLBI, GPS, and WVR Data at the Onsala Space Observatory During SEARCH'92 (PDF, 224KB)
G. Elgered, J. M. Johansson, and J. L. Davis

* Indicates papers that have been reprinted from Proceedings of the 1993 International GPS Service for Geodynamics (IGS) Workshop, Druckerei der Universität Bern, G. Beutler and E. Brockman, Eds., with the permission of the authors and the editors.

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