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High frequency to subseasonal variations in Earth Rotation

Barbara Kolaczek, Harald Schuh, and Daniel Gambis (eds.)
(IERS Technical Note No. 28)

Bibliographic details:

High frequency to subseasonal variations in Earth Rotation, Barbara Kolaczek, Harald Schuh, and Daniel Gambis (eds.). (IERS Technical Note ; 28) Paris: Central Bureau of IERS - Observatoire de Paris, 2000. vi, 91 p.

Not barrier-free file. Complete document (PDF, 9MB)

Table of Contents

Not barrier-free file. Front matter (PDF, 62KB)

Not barrier-free file. IERS Technical Notes (PDF, 56KB)

Not barrier-free file. Contents (PDF, 85KB)

Not barrier-free file. Introduction (PDF, 64KB)

Not barrier-free file. Updated model of short-period tidal variations in Earth rotation (PDF, 247KB)
Ray, Richard D.

Not barrier-free file. Diurnal and sub-diurnal variations of the Earth rotation (PDF, 952KB)
Zharov, Vladimir E.; Gambis, Daniel; Bizouard, Christian

Not barrier-free file. Estimation of subdiurnal tidal terms in UT1-UTC from VLBI data analysis (PDF, 212KB)
Titov, Oleg

Not barrier-free file. Interpretation of high frequency polar motion and length of day variations (PDF, 1MB)
Arfa-Kaboodvand, K.; Groten, Erwin; Varga, Peter; Zavoti, J.

Not barrier-free file. The short period nutations of the Earth (PDF, 314KB)
Souchay, Jean; Folgueira, Marta

Not barrier-free file. Short periods in Earth rotation seen in VLBI data analysed by the least-squares collocation method (PDF, 673KB)
Titov, Oleg; Schuh, Harald

Not barrier-free file. Contribution of the GPS to monitor Earth Orientation Parameters (PDF, 457KB)
Weber, Robert; Rothacher, Markus; Beutler, Gerhardt

Not barrier-free file. High frequency atmospheric excitation of Earth rotation (PDF, 1MB)
Brzezinski, Aleksander

Not barrier-free file. Irregular short period variations in Earth rotation (PDF, 1MB)
Kosek, Wieslaw

Not barrier-free file. Wavelet analysis of stochastic signals (PDF, 412KB)
Schmidt, Michael

Not barrier-free file. Abilities of wavelet analysis for investigating short-period variations of Earth rotation (PDF, 909KB)
Schmidt, Michael; Schuh, Harald

Not barrier-free file. Comparison between spectro-temporal analysis methods on the Earth rotation parameters and their atmospheric excitation functions (PDF, 770KB)
Kosek, Wieslaw; Popinski, Waldemar

Not barrier-free file. Modes of variability in high-frequency atmospheric excitation for polar motion (PDF, 958KB)
Nastula, Jolanta; Salstein, David A.

Not barrier-free file. Back matter (PDF, 18KB)

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