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Description and evaluation of DTRF2014, JTRF2014 and ITRF2014

Zuheir Altamimi and Wolfgang R. Dick (eds.)
(IERS Technical Note No. 40)

Bibliographic details:

Description and evaluation of DTRF2014, JTRF2014 and ITRF2014, Zuheir Altamimi and Wolfgang R. Dick (eds.). (IERS Technical Note ; 40) Frankfurt am Main: Verlag des Bundesamts für Kartographie und Geodäsie, 2020. 167 p., ISBN 978-3-86482-137-0 (print version)

Online publication date: 20 March 2020.

Not barrier-free file. Complete document (PDF, 61MB)

Table of Contents

Not barrier-free file. Front matter (PDF, 43KB)

Not barrier-free file. Table of Contents (PDF, 33KB)

Not barrier-free file. Foreword (PDF, 81KB)

Not barrier-free file. DTRF2014: DGFI-TUM realization of the International Terrestrial Reference System (ITRS) (PDF, 3MB)
Mathis Bloßfeld, Manuela Seitz, Detlef Angermann and Florian Seitz

Not barrier-free file. JTRF2014: Analysis, Results and Comparisons to ITRF2014 and DTRF2014 (PDF, 4MB)
Claudio Abbondanza, Toshio Michael Chin, Richard S. Gross, Michael B. Heflin, Jay W. Parker, Benedikt S. Soja, Tonie M. van Dam and Xiaoping Wu

Not barrier-free file. ITRS Center evaluation of DTRF2014 and JTRF2014 with respect to ITRF2014 (PDF, 348KB)
Zuheir Altamimi, Paul Rebischung, Xavier Collilieux and Laurent Métivier

Not barrier-free file. Comparison of latest ITRS realizations: ITRF2014, JTRF2014 and DTRF2014 (PDF, 31MB)
Detlef Angermann, Mathis Bloßfeld, Manuela Seitz, and Sergei Rudenko

Not barrier-free file. A comparison of the DTRF2014, ITRF2014, and JTRF2014 solutions using DORIS (PDF, 3MB)
Guilhem Moreaux, Hugues Capdeville, Claudio Abbondanza, Mathis Bloßfeld, Jean-Michel Lemoine and Pascale Ferrage

Not barrier-free file. Assessment of DTRF2014 and ITRF2014 by Satellite Laser Ranging (PDF, 4MB)
José Rodríguez

Not barrier-free file. ITRS realizations and their impact on VLBI combined EOP and Scale (PDF, 15MB)
Sabine Bachmann and Daniela Thaller

Not barrier-free file. Index of authors (PDF, 35KB)

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