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International Association of Geodesy (IAG)

IAG is one of the eight semi-autonomous Associations comprising IUGG.
IERS functions as one of the IAG Scientific Services.

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IAG / IUGG Representative to the IERS Directing Board:
Axel Nothnagel

IERS Representative to IAG Commission 1 (Reference Frames) Steering Committee:
Detlef Angermann

IERS Representative to IAG Commission 3 (Earth Rotation and Geodynamics) Steering Committee:
Robert Heinkelmann

Ex officio IERS Associate Members:
IAG Secretary General: Markku Poutanen
President of IAG Commission 1: Geoffrey Blewitt
Chair of IAG Subcommission 1.1: Urs Hugentobler
Chair of IAG Subcommission 1.2: Xavier Collilieux
Chair of IAG Subcommission 1.4: Zinovy Malkin
President of IAG Commission 3: Manabu Hashimoto
Chair of IAG Subcommission 3.1:Janusz Bogusz
Chair of IAG Subcommission 3.2: Zheng-Kang Shen
Chair of IAG Subcommission 3.3: Jianli Chen

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